Best Local Food Restaurant in Iceland

Best Local Food Restaurant in Iceland

Iceland is known for its stunning landscapes, unique culture, and, of course, its local cuisine. The country offers a range of local food restaurants that showcase the flavors and ingredients of Icelandic cuisine. Here are some notable local food restaurants in Iceland:

Best Local Food Restaurant in Iceland

Þrír frakkar (Three Overcoats)

Located in Reykjavik, Þrír frakkar is a well-established restaurant that focuses on traditional Icelandic dishes. Their menu features items like fermented shark, smoked puffin, and lamb prepared in various ways. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and is often frequented by locals and tourists looking for an authentic Icelandic dining experience.

Fiskmarkaðurinn (The Fish Market)

Situated in the heart of Reykjavik, Fiskmarkaðurinn is known for its innovative approach to seafood. The restaurant offers a modern and upscale setting, and their menu showcases fresh Icelandic fish and seafood prepared with creative techniques and flavors. From pan-seared Arctic char to langoustine tempura, Fiskmarkaðurinn provides a unique seafood dining experience.

Matur og Drykkur (Food and Drink)

Located in Reykjavik's Grandi area, Matur og Drykkur offers a modern twist on traditional Icelandic cuisine. The restaurant focuses on using locally sourced ingredients and age-old cooking techniques. Dishes like Icelandic lamb, salted cod, and fish stew are given a contemporary presentation and are served in a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

Sjávargrillið (Seafood Grill)

As the name suggests, Sjávargrillið is a seafood-focused restaurant in Reykjavik. They pride themselves on serving fresh and sustainably sourced Icelandic seafood. Their menu features dishes like langoustine soup, grilled fish of the day, and seafood platters. The restaurant's cozy and intimate setting adds to the overall dining experience.

Gamla fjósið (The Old Cowhouse)

Located in the countryside near the town of Hveragerði, Gamla fjósið is a charming restaurant set in a renovated cowshed. It offers a unique farm-to-table experience, as many of the ingredients used in their dishes come from their own farm or local suppliers. Their menu includes dishes like Icelandic lamb, homemade bread, and freshly caught fish.

Geysir Bistro

Situated in the Golden Circle area, Geysir Bistro is known for its focus on locally sourced ingredients and traditional Icelandic flavors. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including lamb, fish, and vegetarian options. It's a great place to stop for a meal while exploring the natural wonders of the Golden Circle.

Kaffi Loki

Located in the heart of Reykjavik, Kaffi Loki is a cozy café that offers traditional Icelandic dishes and baked goods. They are particularly famous for their rye bread ice cream, traditional Icelandic pancakes, and the Icelandic plate, which includes a selection of local delicacies like dried fish, smoked lamb, and pickled herring.


Located near the town of Reykholt, Fridheimar is a unique restaurant that specializes in tomatoes. The restaurant is set within a tomato greenhouse, where they grow their own organic tomatoes year-round. Visitors can enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by the vibrant greenery while savoring tomato-based dishes like tomato soup, tomato pasta, and even tomato-based desserts.

Hlemmur Mathöll

Hlemmur Mathöll is a vibrant food hall in Reykjavik that offers a diverse range of local food options. Here, you'll find various food stalls and vendors serving up Icelandic specialties alongside international cuisines. From Icelandic seafood and lamb to vegan delights and artisanal desserts, Hlemmur Mathöll is a hub of culinary exploration that caters to all tastes.

Hotel Rangá

Located in the countryside near Hella, Hotel Rangá features a renowned restaurant that showcases Icelandic ingredients and flavors. The menu highlights local delicacies such as reindeer, Arctic char, and Icelandic langoustine. With its scenic location by the Rangá River and a cozy ambiance, dining at Hotel Rangá is a delightful way to experience Icelandic cuisine.

Efstidalur II

Located near the town of Laugarvatn, Efstidalur II is a farm-to-table restaurant that offers a charming dining experience. The restaurant is part of a family-owned dairy farm, and they pride themselves on using fresh ingredients produced on their farm. Visitors can enjoy dishes like Icelandic lamb, homemade dairy products, and traditional Icelandic desserts while taking in the beautiful countryside views.

Icelandic Street Food

Situated in Reykjavik, Icelandic Street Food offers a taste of Icelandic cuisine in a casual setting. The restaurant is known for its hearty and affordable food options. Their signature dish is the "Icelandic Lamb Soup," a flavorful and comforting soup made with locally sourced lamb and root vegetables. They also serve other traditional Icelandic dishes like fish stew and fish and chips.

Icelandic Fish and Chips

Located in Reykjavik, Icelandic Fish and Chips is a popular restaurant that focuses on serving high-quality, sustainably sourced fish and chips. They use fresh Icelandic fish, which is battered and fried to perfection. The menu offers a variety of fish options, including cod, haddock, and salmon, along with a range of homemade dipping sauces. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service make it a great spot to enjoy a classic Icelandic dish.

Local Food Restaurant in Iceland


Situated in the town of Vestmannaeyjar, Slippurinn is a renowned restaurant known for its emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is located in an old boat repair shop and offers a rustic and charming setting. The menu features a creative blend of traditional Icelandic flavors with modern culinary techniques. Dishes may include locally caught seafood, lamb, and foraged ingredients from the surrounding area. Slippurinn offers a unique dining experience that reflects the flavors and spirit of the Westman Islands.

These local food restaurants in Iceland provide a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the flavors and culinary traditions of the country. Whether you're looking to try traditional Icelandic dishes or innovative twists on local ingredients, these restaurants offer a memorable dining experience that showcases the best of Icelandic cuisine.