Best Fish Tacos in San Diego California

Best Fish Tacos in San Diego California

Would you like to know where to track down The Best Fish Tacos in San Diego California? Here is a rundown of The Top Best Fish Tacos in San Diego California. Our top picks, including advantages and disadvantages, depending on our voyaging encounters. While picking The Best Fish Tacos in San Diego California, think about our rundown.


Best Fish Tacos in San Diego California

George’s at the Cove (La Jolla)

George's Ocean Terrace, the significant level of George's at the Cove, is my by and large most adored spot for fish tacos in San Diego on a brilliant day. Between the stupendous ocean view, cool contemporary look, effervescent energy, and one of San Diego's best cooks… you can't beat the experience. Around 95% of the time, I start with a bowl of dim bean soup and subsequently gobble up a plate of grilled fish tacos (with jalape√†±o cream, guacamole, cilantro and annihilated cabbage on a corn tortilla made a sister restaurant, Galaxy Taco) coordinated with two or three glasses of Chardonnay. Is that rapture without a doubt?

The ground floor California Modern bistro serves exceptionally astounding, yet correspondingly magnificent fish tacos… you'll need to go to see the motivation behind why. They were featured on The Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate accepting that gives you any knowledge with respect to how incredible they are. Picked the piece of the diner that suits your demeanor.

The view is breathtaking, wine and workmanship blended beverage list bountiful, and it's where various nearby individuals eliminate from town guests for a quintessential San Diego experience.

In the occasion that you're needing fish tacos, yet need a rich spot to take a date or meet a social event of sidekicks, this is the spot to totally find the best fish tacos in La Jolla at a charming, semi-formal bistro in case not all of San Diego.


1250 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037.

Phone: (858) 454-4244

The Taco Stand (La Jolla, Encinitas, Downtown)

All dinners are prepared to orchestrate at The Taco Stand. Corn tortillas, guacamole, and salsas are moreover made step by step in-house. Walk around, demand at the register, collect your salsas from the salsa bar, sit at one of the humble pack of tables or take it to-go. Introduced above is the camaron blazing shrimp taco (vivaciously recommended) and the grilled Pescado taco (fish). The nopal and carne asada are extraordinary choices, too.

The La Jolla region is where we go most frequently. It shares a minuscule parking structure with Pizza on Pearl so pay special attention to street halting as you approach. Venture out in front of the timetable as it is an extraordinarily renowned spot with limited seating.

You're in midtown La Jolla and need a quick fish taco. For certain, there's Rubio's around the corner anyway these taste fresher and are impressively more wonderful.


La Jolla: 

621 Pearl St, La Jolla,

CA 92037 / (858) 551-6666


642 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas,

CA 92024 / (760) 230-2061


645 B St, San Diego,

CA 92101 / (619) 546-0570

Bahia Don Bravo

This obliging Mexican food spot in Bird Rock is a couple of squares from my home. As I'm repairing this rundown for 2017, I grasped that I had every step of the way left of which is out and out rudeness. They have the best fish taco in La Jolla on the lower end of the value scale undeniably. It's $1.99, positively magnificent and for the most part, scattered.


5504 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037

Phone: (858) 454-8940

Puesto (La Jolla and The Headquarters Downtown)

While you wouldn't actually go to Puesto unequivocally searching for the best fish tacos in San Diego (considering the way that they have a huge load of other unbelievable choices, also), their salmon taco is sublime. The bistro is known for their Mexico City-style guisados (grilled meats) which you can have served in a combination of ways.

Taco decisions consolidate grilled shrimp, carne asada, chicken al serve, carnitas, salmon, soy chorizo, zucchini, and desert plant. Do whatever it takes not to keep away from the cheddar as they grill it onto the tortilla. Introduced above is their Baja-style fish taco.

The light, present-day, and youngster pleasing style makes it exquisite to plunk down to participate in a quick dinner here. My daughter inclines toward the quesadillas.

You want extraordinary uncommonly made Mexican street food in an upscale, fast-casual environment in either downtown La Jolla or The Headquarters.


La Jolla:

1026 Wall St, La Jolla,

CA 92037/ (858) 454-1260

The Headquarters:

789 W Harbor Dr, San Diego,

CA 92101 / (619) 233-8880

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood (Pacific Beach, Hillcrest, East Village)

The smoked fish taco is one of their most famous menu things. You can't turn out badly with a barbecued fish taco, ready with your decision from the accessible fish (market cost), and the new ceviche is wonderful. Battered fish tacos are accessible, as well, and a remarkable take at $1.99. A few sauces and salsas are as an afterthought for you to add.

The first area on Turquoise Street has practically no seating other than a little bar region outside that is generally packed and awkward. The new Emerald road area makes their seat and is somewhat more roomy. Indeed, they are the best fish taco in Pacific Beach with two areas in this area alone. New Oscar's areas incorporate Encinitas, Hillcrest, and East Village. Bring cash.

You need a genuine, flavorful fish taco to-go and to see what the promotion of best fish tacos in San Diego is about.


Pacific Beach:

746 Emerald Street, San Diego,

CA 92109 / (858) 412-4009

North Pacific Beach:

703 Turquoise Street, San Diego,

CA 92109 / (858) 488-6392


646 University Avenue, San Diego,

CA 92103 / (619) 798-3550

East Village:

927 J Street, San Diego,

CA 92101 / (619) 564-6007

World Famous (Pacific Beach)

Found right on the footpath with fabulous ocean side and sea sees as (well as engaging people observing particularly throughout the late spring), World Famous is an astounding daytime spot to unwind over various beverages and tacos.

During busy times, it can set truly occupied so have a reinforcement plan up to stay away from the stand-by as they don't take reservations. The menu is occasional. I can by and by vouch for the Bloody Mary's and Benedicts just as the barbecued shrimp taco. Fish tacos are Baja-style and they really do have a Puerto Nuevo-style lobster taco choice, as well.

You need to wait at a relaxed, not-too-expensive café by the ocean side (however wear shirts and concealments over your ocean side stuff).


711 Pacific Beach Drive, San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (858) 272-3100

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Pacific Beach Fish Shop's really relaxed feel draws families, PB's young expert group, and anybody desiring an adaptable fish taco. Pick your fish, pick your marinade and pick your planning (taco, salad, plate or sandwich). The TKO mahi-mahi fish taco (presented above) is grant-winning and recognized by a sweet and marginally zesty mango salsa. I additionally strongly suggest ceviche.

They have a respectable estimated parking area, counter-requesting, and an enormous outside deck as well as some seating inside. This canine amicable San Diego eatery (they'll generally bring my canine water and treats) serves wine and a decent choice of lager. Limited shellfish evenings and different specials occur consistently. You like the capacity to DIY your fish taco.


1775 Garnet Ave (Corner of Garnet & Kendall), 

San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (858) 483-1008

Taco Surf PB (Pacific Beach)

Taco Surf PB isn't a lot to check out when you first stroll in. The metal screen entryway has old surf and skate stickers on top of it, the old tile flooring is stained and the menu is written to a limited extent on bits of paper. Be that as it may, style to the side and above all, the food is awesome and is valued in accordance with comparative spots. The seared fish delicate taco (corn tortilla) is great, particularly with the lime and salsa furnished alongside it. The piece of fish shockingly runs essentially the whole distance across of the tortilla, which is uncommon. You're on the PB promenade or going to the ocean side and need a decent fish taco to-go.


4657 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (858) 272-3877

Blue Water Seafood (Mission Hills)

Blue Water Seafood was highlighted on The Food Network's Diners Drive-ins and Dives a couple of years back. Pick your fish and they'll marinate it in their hot chipotle sauce preceding barbecuing and garnish it with cabbage, cheddar, onions, tomatoes, and unique white sauce. The tortillas are from neighboring El Indio Mexican eatery, likewise included on a similar TV show. It can get going so you may be in an ideal situation intending to eat somewhere else as seating is restricted (as is stopping). The tacos are in reality lovely enormous.

They presumably have the amplest assortment of occasional fish to browse. It's a nitty-gritty fish market so take some new fish to a barbecue at home, as well.


3667 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: (619) 497-0914

South Beach Bar & Grille (Ocean Beach)

This choice is out on the off chance that you have children and tow as it is a 21+ foundation. Nonetheless, their fish tacos (imagined in the top post photograph) are astounding and a few fans guarantee that these are really the best fish tacos in San Diego.

Decisions range from barbecued wahoo, Mahi, shark, and lobster or singed pollock. On the off chance that not wellbeing cognizant, go singed. In any case, the lobster taco is astounding. The liberal pile of new salsa on top makes the taco. Go on Taco Tuesday when tacos are $2.75 day in and day out.

To have a lot of beverages at a bar and one of the most incredible fish tacos in San Diego in out-of-control OB on a pleasant day. You're not a parent yet (the group can slant youthful) or the children are somewhere else.


5059 Newport Ave, Ste 104,

San Diego, CA 92107

Phone: (619) 226-4577

The Brigantine (Multiple Locations)

The Brigantine's seared fish tacos are dependably great. I've presumably eaten many of them at the Del Mar when I lived there during and not long after school. Enormous, battered lumps of fish swimming in farm dressing, cheddar, and cabbage are worth additional time on the treadmill. I can't really accept that I used to match these with a request for potato skins. I miss that digestion.

Menu things range from plates of mixed greens to sandwiches to better quality fish dishes so you're the whole party isn't secured to fish tacos. You need to combine a good fish taco with a specialty brew or pleasant glass of wine in a contemporary semi-formal eatery with a generally sizable menu.



1333 Orange Avenue, Coronado, 

CA 92118 / (619) 435-4166

Del Mar:

3263 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, 

CA 92104 / (858) 481-1166


421 West Felicita Avenue, Escondido,

CA 92025 / (760) 743-4718

Imperial Beach:

919 Seacoast Drive, Imperial Beach, 

CA 91932 / (619) 591-1350

La Mesa: 9350 Fuerte Drive, La Mesa, 

CA 91941 / (619) 465-1935

Point Loma:

2725 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, 

CA 92106 / (619) 224-2871


13445 Poway Road, Poway,

CA 92064 / (858) 486-3066

Brig HQ (pop-up test kitchen only open for lunch):

7889 Ostrow Street, San Diego,

CA 92111 / (858) 427-0961

Rubio’s (Multiple Locations)

Rubio's is all over the place and it's a modest, quick, and dependable wellspring of fish tacos assuming you want a light meal to eat at the shopping center or in the middle of getting things done. A few areas sell larger, as well. While it's not close to as economical as other cheap food, remember that a greater part of their fish is maintainable.

Ralph Rubio lives in La Jolla. I met him at a private lunch to discuss his eateries, he was unable to have been a more pleasant person. The first fish tacos are a $1.75 after 2:30 on Tuesdays (Taco Tuesday).

The salmon taco is very great and I realize that others go on and on with regards to the darkened fish variants. A few Rubio's areas sell larger and win.

Why go: This local chain has areas all over San Diego so the chances are that you're most likely close to one in any case.



Mint Publicity

Lauren Holzman



(800) 354-4199

Email Us


2200 Faraday Avenue, Suite 250

Carlsbad, CA 92008

(760) 929-8226

Call Rubio's Guest Services

(800) 354-4199

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